What is a Run Flat Tyre?

A run flat tyre is quite simply a tyre that has been developed to allow you to continue to drive on a tyre that has got a puncture in order to get to a garage or an area of safety where you can change it.

Run flat tyres have specially reinforced sidewalls which enables you to continue driving on them after getting a puncture,  at a limited speed (max speed of 50 mph) and for a limited distance(max of 50 miles).

Some car manufacturers fit them to many of their cars as standard, this is classed as ‘original equipment or OE’. If there is no spare tyre in the boot then its highly likely you have run  flats fitted as standard.

There are some advantages of having runflat tyres, mainly:

  • The reinforced sidewall helps keep your car under control in the event of a puncture 
  • They able you to drive to safety so you are not changing the tyre at the side of the road
  • No spare wheel means more space in the boot, less overall weight, as a result improved fuel consumption and efficiency

It’s not that easy to distinguish run flats from regular tyres.  Cars being fitted with runflats by vehicle manufacturers as ‘original equipment or OE’ is on the increase.

So, If you are not sure how to tell if the tyres on your car are run flats or not, simply call in and ask our highly trained and experienced tyre technicians for advice – they are here to help!

Jan 28, 2019


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